What is the hype?

This video has been shortened by TubeChop.  If you would like to preview the entire 10 minute YouTube video, you can click HERE.

Diigo is a social bookmarking tool that allows you to find resources on the web (articles, videos, images, etc.) You can tag and save these items to find at later dates.  This week we will dabble with diigo:  

  • Save resources, add annotations and sticky notes (private or public), and tag for easy retrieval.  
  • Use "Read Later" to hold those items you don't have time to preview.
  • Share a diigo group with students and add information directly to the group.  Check out the Connected Educator group.  On the right side, you will see a list of tags to 'sort' resources.
  • Consider adding items to a 'List' and then share with a Webslide  

Below is a graphic that walks you through 'levels' of diigo.  Take a moment to self-select where you are starting with this tool and set one goal you can reasonably accomplish this week.  Our goal is growth, so look ahead to see where you can stretch and learn! 

Level 1: Join the Connected Educator group and explore the articles we have shared
Level 2: Annotate and Tag Website articles, add the diigo Chrome extension
Level 3: Create and invite colleagues to a diigo group, connect your diigo and Twitter accounts
Level 4: Create web slides through the diigo lists, check out Quick Notes, and/or share something unique diigo can do for you!

Each day there will be blog posts on how to accomplish these tasks.  You can also:

Click HERE to view a webslide of web resources to help you learn about diigo.  In the lower right corner of the slides you will see controls.  You can pause the webslides:

Note: You are supposed to be able to embed a widget (it has a create a widget option); however, I have not been able to make this work which is also noted in several of the help boards I read when searching for answers.

Music obtained by Soundzabound - Funky Pop - Funky Pop Volume 4 - 4:05