FAQ - Twitter

Twitter Questions:

I'm playing with Tweetdeck tonight.  Apparently it's different with a recent upgrade, so many of the websites/videos don't show what mine looks like. I've created a column that I want all the #lpsconnects tweets to go in...how do I do that?

How can I attach a pic? make a collage?  I can't find anything except for using my phone...anything PC friendly?

Pics – great question – I use my phone or iPad almost exclusively – but you could technically take the
picture on a digital camera and then up load it to your PC and in your tweet deck (or twitter) page there is a camera at the bottom of your tweet box – if you click that it will allow you to upload the picture from your computer. 

In order to create collages, you will want to use an online service (not many of the iPad/iPhone apps that are out there).  I have used Photovisi and it works quite well.  If anyone has used another PC/Mac online photo collage maker that easily Tweets out, please comment to this page and let us know!

Is there a way to "follow" the hashtag so that I see what everyone posts on #lpsconnects ?

There are several ways you can see what is going on in this hashtag. You can use search on Twitter to pop in and sample when you want (be sure to click on "all" or you don't always see every tweet), but I prefer to use TweetDeck when I'm on my laptop (see image to the right) to follow conversations.

When in Tweetdeck, click on the magnifying glass in the menu on the left side of your screen and press enter. It will add to your TweetDeck. This way when you open TweetDeck it will be located by your other columns of tweets/mentions/and other conversations you are following.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make this happen! Happy Tweeting!