During our time together, we will be exploring Twitter as a resource for connecting. Whether you are a Twitter novice or an advanced user, we will have an opportunity for you to grow! 

Please sign-up for a twitter account (if you don't already have one) and then access this Google Spreadsheet to add your Twitter username. See Sara (line 63), Tara (line 23), or Tracey (line 30) for examples of usernames.  If you don't see your name on the Google spreadsheet, please add!  

This spreadsheet will be a great place for you to start following other LPS staff.  If participants add their username as a link, you will be able to just click the link that takes you to Twitter and select 'follow' (Another Hint - check out who they are following as you might find some other interesting people that are 'must' follows!

Below is a graphic that does a good job of walking you through 'levels' of Twitter.  Take a moment to self-select where you are starting with this tool and set one goal you can reasonably accomplish this week.  Our goal is growth, so look ahead to see where you can stretch and learn! 

Level 1: Create an account, add your photo, develop your bio, familiarize yourself with Twitter
Level 2: Find people to follow, develop an understanding of Twitter Language (#, @), explore who others are following
Level 3: Tweet, search, 
 create a Tweetdeck, and join our conversation at #lpsconnects 
Level 4: Create a magazine or collages of your tweets

I have self-selected my Twitter expertise what?

We have created a Symboloo webmix (shown below) which is filled with links that are color coordinated to the Twitter levels in the circle diagram above.  Level 1 (blue), Level 2 (green), Level 3 (orange), Level 4 (yellow)

This webmix has been created to give you ideas and helpful articles, videos, etc. you might want to explore to increase your Twitter experience.  Take some time to consider something new.

Remember, what you view should be digested and shared with others!  Be sure to Tweet your thoughts and add the hashtag #lpsconnects  to share what you are learning!

Want to start simple for your first tweet?  Tweet out your goal for using Twitter this week. Keep it simple as you only have 140 characters. 

For example:   plans to earn a consumer badge and find 20 educators to follow 

Learn, Use, Grow ... with Twitter and check the blog tomorrow for more specific information on learning and connecting with others. We will also be exploring badges soon, so stay tuned...

Happy Tweeting!

Twitter Image