Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Developing as a Connected Educator - July 1 - Aug 1

Welcome to Liberty's first completely on-line professional development class!  Below is the description found in MyLearningPlan and so far we have over 70 people who have signed up to join us on our journey!

This class is all about using digital tools to create a Personal Learning Network (PLN) to build professional connections outside of Liberty’s boundaries. During this four-week session, you will be exposed to multiple tools for organization and collaboration like Twitter, Diigo, RSS feeds, and more. 

Whether you are just beginning with these tools or already a pro, this class will help you deepen your understanding of how digital tools can be used to enhance your professional growth. You will need a reliable Internet connection as we will be spending some of our time collaborating with each other via Twitter chats and in online Google Hangouts. This totally online offering will be categorized as equivalent to two Wired Wednesday sessions and participants will receive details about District requirements to receive pay upon completion of this session.

We hope that this is an enjoyable experience and no matter what your comfort or experience level might be, we will be putting you together with people of the same background so you can learn together and grow!

We are looking forward to getting started.  On the home page of this blog, you will see a space where you can subscribe to this blog via email in case you prefer to have an email reminder to check the blog as new items are posted.  We will also show you other ways you can access this information throughout the course of this class!

The course begins on Monday, July 1, so check back here soon for course details!

Image Credits:  RSS Icon   Pinterest Logo  Diigo  Twitter