Monday, July 1, 2013

Our first order of business is the organization of the course. This course will allow participants to work at their own pace.  We have created a page for each of the tools we will use to develop our PLN and will award badges for achievements each week.

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Twitter Bird e1295854332446 The Best Free Twitter ToolsThis week is all about Twitter.  Please click on the Twitter Page after you read these instructions to view the many resources which will help develop your Twitter presence.  We will have an ongoing hash tag conversation throughout this course at #lpsconnects for participants to continually post their thoughts and additional resources that would be valuable for others to peruse.  The ultimate goal of this class is to provide avenues for everyone to develop comfort in connecting with others online.

Badges- each participant will need to earn at least 4 badges. (to receive credit/pay for completing this course)  Badges have been created to offer choice in your interest and expertise level with the tools we are exploring.  The blog post on day 3 is all about the badge system.  You may have already received an email with logon information, please hold this information until you need it.

Badge focus for this week:
Twitter Consumer  (for those new to Twitter to gain an understanding of the environment)

Twitter Producer (for those who have dabbled in Twitter and now want to try some things they haven't considered or never had time to explore)

If you are already a Twitter consumer with an active account, followers and those you follow, then you will start at the Twitter Producer level (see the circle graphic with the DOK levels 3 and 4 - on the Twitter page for more information).  If you are starting from the beginning with Twitter it will take you some time to get set up so focus on the Twitter Consumer badge (levels one and two) first and then aim for the Twitter Producer badge later in this course.

Sneak Peek at Upcoming Information for Consumers and Producers:

We want this class to be differentiated to fit your needs.  If you want exposure to all of these areas, you can earn as many badges as you would like!  To get started, please go the the Twitter page next.