Sunday, July 7, 2013

Diigo 101

Today is about you and social bookmarking with diigo!  Don't forget you can learn more by clicking on the diigo page in our blog navigation (on the right side of the blog)

After training district administrators this year, one principal put diigo in really great terms, "You mean diigo is like the bag of printed articles I keep walking around hoping that I will read and never get to?  I can now just keep them online instead of printing?  Now that is cool!"

If you are new to diigo and want a little more guidance, please check out their 'getting started' videos.

We need to make sure everyone has understands:

Group - a collaborative space where multiple users can share online resources with each other.

Lists - will organize your tags.  You can put items in a group and a list if you would like.

Tags - should be used to help organize your items according to 'topic'

  • I was at a PD session with @HeidiHayesJacob and she recommends teaching students tagging as a 21st Century Skill!  Here are two resources for better tagging.
Many new (and veteran) diigo users get confused between lists and tags.  I liked this help entry to keep my mind organized with the difference:

Our browser recommendation to you...CHROME.  Bookmarking in diigo is done using THIS
extension which you can add in the Chrome Store without any tech support.  This extension is super easy to set up - just logon with your diigo account and start highlighting and annotating most any online resource.  Sorry - no annotation option on a .pdf file.  You can tag and save - hopefully they will do something about pdfs soon!

Once you have set up your account, practice highlighting and annotating to your diigo doc.  Do you notice the "Share this Page" option where you can connect to Twitter?  Try it - and add to #lpsconnects

*Information Overload Checkpoint*
You may decide you want to stop here and practice highlighting and annotating for the day and pick back up here tomorrow!  Remember, this blog will be archived and you can come back as often as you might want.

When you are ready for a Badge Challenge... Diigo

We have created a shared diigo group called LPS Develops Connected Educators

  1. Click on the link above and add yourself to the group
  2. Find an online resource that relates to diigo
  3. Annotate and/or add a sticky note
  4. Add the resource to the group.  
  5. Don't forget to tag the article so everyone can find it quickly - tags that are already used in the group will automatically show and you can pick those or add new.
  6. Advanced Option - once you have added it to the group - it might be Tweet worthy - you can click on the diigo extension and "Share this page" / click on Twitter (sign-in if needed) and voila - you have posted to both the Connected Educator group AND tweeted to your followers!