Monday, July 8, 2013

diigo Lists - Who Knew!

I have to be honest in saying diigo lists are relatively new for me in my diigo use (gasp says those who
are tech savvy) ... BUT remember, this is NOT a race to check off all of the cool web 2.0 tools you have tried, but to find those tools that serve the purpose you need at the time.

For this class, I have been learning more about diigo and lists were high on my agenda to check out.  I like this short video (4:34) called "Diigo make, sort, & share lists" by Devon Adams.  Watch the video and/or find an article/resource about diigo lists and then add it to the Connected Educator group!  It is also a great idea to post your thoughts to #lpsconnects!

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy Twitter for learning in short snippits?  I hope you are enjoying this as well!