Thursday, July 25, 2013

Engage Students (or Peers) in a Blog Study!

Have you ever engaged in a book study where you were unhappy about paying for a book that you may or may not have loved reading?  Now that you have experience with Blogs and subscribing to RSS Feeds, why not invite your colleagues or students to partake in a Blog Study!
Consider posing a question and encourage all members of the group to go out and find blogs (or use ones you provide) to read about current thoughts wrapped around the discussion topic.  Use Today's Meet or a Twitter Hashtag as a one-stop shop for discussing what was learned through reading.

Encourage others to pose additional questions building upon the topic of discussion.  As you expand and have more participants reading a wider variety of blogs, articles, infographics, etc you may just find growth in thinking... 140 characters at a time (talk about a lesson in synthesis!)

Post your "Blog Study" thoughts on #lpsconnects!