Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Everyone Learns as Connected Educators

Happy Independence Day to all of you!  We hope that this time finds you relaxing with family and friends!  Tara and I were collaborating today about what types of learning opportunities we wanted to provide over the next three weeks.  We have asked you to step out of your comfort zone and connect with others in different ways.  We have also asked you to take a leap of faith and tell everyone a goal you wanted to achieve.  That got me thinking... What do I want to learn as a result of this class?

I was reading through the Twitter conversation when I saw Wendy's post again ... and I agree 100%!  I read interesting tidbits of information each day and keep thinking I will test that out later and then struggle to find a time to get back to it.  Well, later has finally come...and quite frankly I'm having a blast with this class trying out things that have been recommended by my own PLN - which includes each and everyone of you! So thank you for making my summer fun!

With that in mind, I decided to get back into Storify and really play with it and think about the implications it could have for students and teachers alike.  It is an online platform that gives what you do on social media another voice.

Take what we are doing for instance...we are developing as Connected Educators in an online professional development opportunity.  So I started wondering...are we on the right track?  Are the participants enjoying this online format?  I went back through the Twitter conversation and now ask you...what trends are you seeing in this story?  Feel free to post a comment or join our conversation at #lpsconnects!

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