Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Making a Connection....

Yes, once you make the connection, each time you hit "favorite" on a Tweet - it will be added to diigo! So say I'm on TweetDeck and I want to save this great tweet as an idea to use for the start of school:

I click on the star to favorite in Twitter and it will remain in favorites.  BUT I can also see it in my diigo bookmarks under the tags:  lpsconnects (because it has a hashtag in the Tweet) AND as tweet (because I set that tag up when making the connection):

Don't expect the save to happen immediately.  I have found what I favorite today, always shows up in my diigo account by tomorrow.

Are you ready to try it out?

If you prefer Written Instructions, you can the link from diigo Tools.  If you prefer Video Instructions, I have screencasted instructions on how to make the connection.

Is there a downside to connecting?  Not that I have found, but keep in mind, if you have a FREE account, you can only save about 20 tweets a day ... but then again, who favorites over 20 a day?  Sometimes you just have to let a few things go.