Thursday, July 11, 2013

Work Smarter NOT Harder!

Now that you are not going to lose any of your links again, consider using widgets to post your diigo content in a blog, website, etc. through the widget feature.  Remember, when your audience can get everything in a one-stop shop, that makes for a happy customer (and reduces confusion).  For the most part, you will want to isolate the embed code from one of the widgets and then add to your website.

On blogger, we pulled the embed code and then on the right side of the blog inserted an html widget and posted the code there - it appears on the side of the blog and updates as new items are saved.

A few widgets you can use from the diigo Tools site:

Add To Diigo Widget - you can add this to your blog or website and people can click to add your site to their diigo accounts.  This is another way for your visitors to always have a link to your webspace.

Diigo Tag Rolls - add your diigo tags to your website.

Enhanced Linkrolls - add your annotated titles/links to your website!

Calling a Guest Blogger - Did you know that diigo can also be blog posts?  I haven't tried this yet, but would love to have someone explore this option and blog about it for the group!  Any takers?  It will earn you a Guest Blogger Badge!

Send to Blog
Auto Blog Post