Monday, July 15, 2013


What is all the buzz about Pinterest?
There are many ways to learn about this digital tool, you could watch a video....

OR check out the numbers and figures on the following infographic:

THEN head to the source and explore for yourself!  Pinterest

Already Pinterested? Let's start pinning!

Badge focus for the week:  

Your challenge depends on your Pinterest background... so let's get startedPinterest Playlist 

  • If you are a beginner start at the beginning, sign up, explore and pin away!
  • If you are an avid pinner skip to the second half of the playlist and begin producing your own photos and web posts.
  • If you are an advanced Pinterest producer, what can you teach us?  Please post a comment below.

Post your board to the Connected Educator Spreadsheet and then we will share the LPS Board with you to be able to then share boards and ideas with everyone!